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Our partners are the base of a quality-orientated company and the guaranteed realization of quality and change. The orientation on our partners is in connection with the orientation of clients, process and achievement. It is an important issue of the accomplishment of movement and advice.

We are focused on the ongoing improvment of the management system for the economic optimization of processes. We are providing an important contribution to the protection of location and the stability of the companies of our clients by the backflow of an ideal management system.


The acts of our partners for distribution are always focused on the well and long-ranged succes of our clients. This is the reason for their identification  with our goals, our onset and our products.

4iT provides specialists for many areas, such as:
automobiles, data bases, data safety management, facility management, IT- consulting, IT- Monitoring, estables, engine building, medical engineering, paper and print, plant breeding, project management, process automation, process monitoring. It covers wide areas of various competences.

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